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The Maze Runner - James Dashner

At long last I finished this book. I felt like more pages kept appearing as I kept reading on like as if this book was playing some cruel illusory trick on me.


I didn't hate The Maze Runner, not as much as My Sister's Keeper but Dashner really took his sweet time getting to the point. Perhaps he wanted the reader to be on this same journey as Thomas and learn all the facts alongside him and also share his confusion but it took about 200 pages for us to get up to speed.


It didn't help that none of the characters were all that unique and they didn't incite sympathy from me. The token female was also quite nondescript.


I couldn't help but feel like Dashner ripped 'Lord of the Flies' a bit. Chuck's character reminded me of Piggy. Unlike Lord of the Flies though, Chuck's death resulted in me shrugging and thinking, 'oh well'. I was blinking back tears after Piggy met his demise.


Dashner's writing isn't bad. He does unfortunately manage to keep his descriptions very stark which is problematic because I still can't really figure out what a Griever was, was it a grey whale that has spikes coming out it? Was it just a robot gone mad? Why was their skin moist?


Another question, weren't these boys meant to be prodigies? Why did it take them so long did to piece together that 'World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department' spelled out 'WICKED'.


Really boys? Even I got it before you lot.


I know many YA book reviewers/aficionados/booktubers gushed a lot about this book but it isn't all that special.


I have The Scorch Trials waiting for me but I will get to it when I feel like because right now I just need a break from these stale characters.


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