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Speak - Laurie Halse Anderson

The best thing about this book was: Its length, it didn't prolong the suffering of our main character, Melinda (unlike a certain book I read recently).


The worst thing about this book was: The ending, I wish it wasn't as optimistic? I can't really describe why, of course I was overjoyed that Melinda was avenged in the end but I felt it was too positive. I suppose this is because of incidents like Steubenville and Rehtaeh Parsons' suicide I have been very sceptical of such a happily ever after. I think everything came together conveniently, too conveniently...


This book made me feel: Contemplative, I can relate to Melinda. I haven't suffered something as horrific as she has but her nervous tics are very similar to my own (biting and picking at your lips). I don't think many YA books explore such dark themes but this was done very well and as a result I've been thinking on it ever since. I've been thinking about people I used to know in high school who were very withdrawn and introverted. I wish I had tried to develop a relationship with such people instead of categorising them (at the time) as bizarre and anti-social.


I would recommend this book to: people who were pariahs during high school

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