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My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult

This book was awful. It was so bad. I have never before contemplated throwing a book away. All my books mean something significant to me as I've bought them all with a particular thought in mind.


This book however just dragged on and on and on. I wanted to skip to the last page but restrained myself. I have never committed that sin but with 'My Sister's Keeper' I was prepared to do so in a heartbeat.


Jodi Picoult's writing is so pretentious, showy and inconsistent. Each chapter is the perspective of a different character. They all seem to speak in the same way, even the 13 year-old.


Speaking of which, the characters are all very unlikeable, not even in a 'wow, this person is so unlikeable but this is realistic and I can see this happening' way. No, these characters were stupid, selfish and some redundant.


There is a romantic subplot involving the guardian ad litem and the lawyer. What purpose did this serve? I will never know. They get married in the end which also was farfetched.


The final twist of the knife was the ending. Jodi Picoult shows no remorse in killing off our central character in a very soap opera'esque manner- in a car crash right after she receives her happy ending.


Picoult's concept behind the novel isn't a bad one, for this reason alone I've decided to give this book a one star rating but her poor execution and needless rambling ruined it for me. She raises some interesting points, especially about young children having a right to their autonomy but there was a lot of wishy washy nonsense in the way that this aspect becomes inconsequential.


I'm just glad it's over and done with it. Now how do I dispose of this book?

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